Recruitment of Chenshan School—Looking for the right fit

1.Recruitment notice

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where words come out from the depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action;
Into that heaven of freedom, My Father, let my country awake.
------Tagore 《Gitanjali》
Not every person chooses the education career just for a living despite in this era of greed. We deeply believe that there are still some “right fit” whose motivation to be an educator from their inner desire:
To teach to your strengths
To grow from professional support
To benefit from a healthy democratic environment
Please read our recruitment advert carefully to see if you a good fit.

2.What kind of school is Chenshan School?

1)Target of Chenshan School

Chen shan School’s mission is to fully implement the values and best practices of international education for Chinese students and families.

2)Special features of Chenshan School

“Love learning, love life, love our planet”.
Chinese culture foundation, combine best of international and Chinese education systems
a)Small class teaching, paying attention to each student
b)Chinese and Western Teaching Teams to build teaching frame

3)Objectives of the Chenshan School

Experience deep and meaningful learning
•Communicator,Team-player & Open-minded
•Thinker, Inquirer & Reflective
•Creative & Risk-taker

3.Looking for the right fit

1)Who is not suitable for our school?

We respect the right of anyone who is seeking a better life quality, which is definitely the fundamental of the respectful life and the promise we should make to our applicants. Do not choose us if you just seek this right without seeking you dream simultaneously. That is because we are an excellent team, we are a school cherishing our own mission, value and expectation and sincerely promising to perfect our normal students as best as we can. We have a high standard in our academic study, which of course will bring much pressure to our teachers. However, all of these are also the common feature of excellent teams. If you just join us for the sake of job or salary, I would use an old proverb to tell you that “one man’s meal may be another man’s poison”.
The young cynics full of complaint, people used to criticize others or the idealists are not suitable for us. Although we do not object the criticism to society or others, we more emphasize the respect for elders, the mutual trust between friends and dreams teenagers should have. Meanwhile, we more emphasize the sense of duty as an independent person. Once standing inside the classroom, you must shoulder the responsibilities instead of passing the buck to others. As a teacher, you must be responsible for the course and you should not attribute them to our students (parents) or education system. We are willing to admire or recruit these teachers who still keep their dream alive and try to create perfect classroom even with limited conditions.
To some degree, we are creating the Peach Garden for the education. Do not select us if you are cynics, mercenary person or perfunctory person.

2)Who is suitable for us?

If you love kids, love education and long for a classroom (or a working studio) and consider education is very meaningful, please submit your resume to us.
If you love studying, love knowledge and love truth, besides your curiosity has not been destroyed by the test-oriented education system or you still have not lost the pursuit of your life, please submit your resume to us.
If you can bear if your colleagues are better than you, you are happy to share your ideas and resources with others and you also could treat your school as the way you treat your family, please submit your resume to us.
    We also promise we will help you to find the wings to your dreams. The school can also provide you with the ladder at any height you want to reach.
We also need to remind you that the belief to the life (either yourself or your students) is very significant here, meaning that you will face more hardships at this school than any other ones. Here, “poetic dwelling” firstly means the “brimming achievement”, which desires the people who have the same longing for this school and they desire update themselves and infuse their career meaning into the development of the students and the schools. If you are such a kind of right fit, please submit your resume to us.

4.Positions and requirements

A.Chinese teachers
a)Anyone who speaks standard mandarin and has strong communication ability.
b)Anyone who loves reading and has a good language sense, well writing ability, strong Chinese knowledge and reading ability. Applicants whose major is associated with literature are preferred.
c)Management skills are necessary for being a homeroom teacher.
d)English fluency may be a plus.
B.Math teachers
a)Anyone who speaks standard mandarin and has strong communication ability.
b)Anyone who loves math with quick mind and has a wide math view.
c)Applicants who are good at both arts and science are preferred.Applicants whose major is associated with math are preferred.
d)English fluency may be a plus.
C.Science teachers
a)Anyone who speaks standard mandarin and has strong communication ability.
b)Anyone who loves science with quick mind and has a wide science view.
c)Applicants who are good at both arts and science are preferred.Applicants whose major is associated with science are preferred.
d)English fluency may be a plus.
D.English teachers
a)Anyone who has a strong professional skill, especial a well speaking English with standard pronunciation
b)Anyone with extrovert personality are good at interactive game and flexible teaching.
c)Applicants who are familiar with the English or American culture are preferred.
d)Applicants whose major is associated with English Language or English Literature are preferred.
E.Chinese History and Geography teachers
a)Has a deep study of Chinese History and with a broad, systemic and solid Chinese History knowledge.
b)Has a good understanding of Chinese regional cultures.
c)Love Chinese traditional culture.
d)English fluency may be a plus.
F.Music or Dance teachers
a)Anyone who has the ability to host or sing and could perform at least one musical instrument.
b)Anyone who has the ability to management and could organize or coordinate activities like pantomime or music drama
c)Anyone who is good at dancing
d)Applicants who are also good at painting are preferred.
e)English fluency may be a plus.
G.Art teachers
a)Anyone who has solid fundamental skill at simple pictures, pencil sketch, watercolor and decorative painting.
b)Anyone who has a strong aesthetic judgment and who can accomplish some art design such as photo and text design, website design and pamphlet design at high quality.
c)Anyone who also is adept at using multimedia to design arts related work is preferred.
d)English fluency may be a plus.
H.PE teachers
a)Anyone who has a solid basic of physical education and has many sports specialties.
b)Anyone who is adept at organizing students’ activities and playing with students.
c)Anyone who is full of passion.
d)English fluency may be a plus.
I.Assistant teachers
a)Anyone who has a solid basic education background.
b)Love teaching and be enthusiastic
c)Eager to learn to be an excellent teacher
d)English fluency may be a plus
J.Computer and network Engineer
a)Strong communication ability both in Mandarin and English.
b)Degree in Computing or Networking fields.
c)Be proficient of network architecture
d)Relative working experience is preferred.
a)Strong communication ability in Mandarin.
b)Computer, Network, Marketing, E-commerce, Education and other related majors
c)Solid writing foundation
d)English fluency may be a plus.

5.Contact us

1)Please send us your detailed personal information:

a)Application letter (illustrate why you choose us).
b)Personal resume (personal introduction, social or internship experience and awards in digital copy. Personal website or blog is recommended).
c)Personal reading history (it mainly introduces your reading experience no less than 1000 words)
d)If you apply for the Chinese teachers, please send us your representative work (style is unlimited and publication is unnecessary).

2)If all the materials are ready, please send Email to:

We will reply to you whatever the result is within one week. I also want to remind you that the title of your email should be the same as the name used in your attached files (please compress all the attached files into one document). The format requirement is:
Position applied for + name
For example: “Chinese teacher,Zhang San”.

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