Curriculum Paths

The curriculum in Chenshan School follows the ongoing development of the curriculum system. Together with the comprehensive assessment, we provide a professional and precise education system to our students.
We designed different curriculums from Grade 1 to Grade 12 to adapt to children's characteristics in different stages, their cognitive development, and their need. Chenshan School focus on developing students' skills on reading, physical exercises, art, music and other life skills. At the same time, moral education, social service and practice are merged in the curriculum.
- Grade 1-5: focus on students' first language education. We adopt Nanming's curriculum "The Beauty of Whole Person". Students could keep going on Nanming's curriculum till Grade 12 based on their needs.
- Grade 6-9: focus on building students' individualities and learning abilities. We adopt Chenshan's international curriculum. At the same time, Chinese language education keeps going.
- Grade 9-12: focus on developing students' academic abilities. We will go through the Pre IB Curriculum and IB Diploma Program. At the same time, Chinese language education goes deeper. Our students will be prepared to universities in terms of their academic abilities and skills while holding their traditional culture. 

The two-line curriculum system:

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