Summer Immersion

China Summer Immersion, 2017

Live in China, with the Chinese, and Learn What You Want to Learn About China.

Most tourists enter and leave a country without ever living in it. From the cocoon of their hotels and tourist stops, all they learn is what they remember from tourist photographs and tour guides. They don’t make friends in the country, they don’t learn how to speak the country’s language, and they arrive home with little more than photographs taken by outsiders looking in.

If you want more, Chenshan School’s China Experience summer camp is for you. The Chenshan School China Experience invites English-speaking students from ages 15 to 17 to join us for a summer of….

 Health. Arts. Nature. Chinese Friends.
  • Refresh body and mind with morning Tai Chi lessons.
  • Take intensive classes in traditional Chinese arts in our 600-year-old Ming Dynasty hall. 
  • Enjoy relaxing hikes and picnics in the forested hills of our 36-acre campus. 
  • Connect to nature in weekend outings to the rivers, mountains, and forests surrounding our school. 
  • Walk to our neighboring small town and ancient villages to practice Mandarin with the locals. 
  • Make new Chinese friends as you share a 5-star dorm with our students and learn alongside them in our classes. 
At the end of one month of living in China, with Chinese students and teachers, and learning in daily 2-hour classes subjects that you have chosen, you will return home with far more than tourist photos: you will return home with new friends, deeper understandings, and new abilities in Chinese language and culture. You will return home a changed person. Read the full program details below. Or, if you’re ready to apply, please fill out the form  here.
 Course Offerings
Week 1 Performance Showcase: Bringing Chinese culture to you. 
In our first three days, you will see--in our classical 600-year-old Ming Dynasty hall (see photo on top of this page)--the Chinese masters teaching our classes perform all the course offerings: martial arts, musical instruments, dramatic arts, liberal arts, and fine arts. (See "Table 1: First Week Schedule" below for full details.)
Ming Dynasty Hall
The introductory master performances will each have two parts: the first part will show you their art at its most advanced level so you can see where each path of study can lead if you continue practicing it in your home country; the second part will show you what you can expect to be able to understand and do by the end of your month's intensive practice or study.

After the Showcase, you will choose the one or two subjects that most interested you, and study them for the rest of the month, Monday through Friday, in small-group, 2.5-hour daily classes.


Weekends will take you to amazing places. Upon arrival, you will spend two days exploring the “new China” in Shanghai. The following four weekends will take you off the beaten tourist path into “natural China,” with outings to surrounding mountains, rivers, and ancient towns. Finally, en route to depart from Shanghai at the end of the camp, you will spend two days exploring “classical China” in Hangzhou, the capital--1,000 years ago--of the Southern Song Dynasty. (See "Table 3. Weekend Nature and Culture Travels" below for details.)



You will return home a changed person. At the end of the camp, with three weeks of small-class study, you will have amassed 37.5 hours—roughly the equivalent of a semester credit in college. This solid foundation in your chosen subject will allow you to continue studying it back home—with the high-quality materials (musical instruments, drama or art materials) you can buy, if you like, at the local Ancient Street craft shops to take home with you.

Campus and Regional Overview

 Chenshan (Morning Mountain) School is a small rural boarding school in the scenic foothills of the Yellow Mountains in Anhui Province, about 220 miles east of Shanghai.  Its 36-acre campus includes a 15th century Ming Dynasty hall, 5-star hotel room accommodations for students, locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, forested hiking trails, a botanical garden, tennis and basketball courts, soccer field, and clean air and water (local PM 2.5 in summer is 20-60, rated "Good" by the Air Quality Index).

Campus of Chenshan School

Accommodations for students

The school is located across the Heng River from the town of Xiuning (population approx. 60,000), a safe environment for students. With low traffic,  friendly locals, traditional Hui architecture in surrounding farming villages, and almost no foreign influence, it’s an ideal place to practice Mandarin and experience China at its peaceful, picturesque best.

Weekend outing destinations

Schedules and Timetables
Table 1. First Week Schedule

Table 2. Weekday Campus Schedule


Table 3. Weekend Nature and Culture Travels

 The cost of the program is $2,500 US dollars. This includes all costs of the program: room, board, and tuition on campus; travel tickets within China; and hotels, admission tickets, and meals when off campus.
The price does not include airfare to and from the student's home country, or shopping purchases in China. Students interested in purchasing such things as musical instruments or other arts materials should bring sufficient funds for the costs. Please feel free to inquire about prices of items of interest!
Please apply by filling out the form here .


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