Big Events

Historical Events

2019.06.16 The Graduation Ceremony is held to celebrate the Class of 2020. All students earned the Chenshan School Diploma and the Full IB Diploma. 

2019.04.09 Chenshan School receives the official certificate of International Baccalaureate from the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) under the school code 052375.

2015.11.12 More than 60 Principals and key teachers from more than 30 schools in Xuning's education sector gathered at Chenshan School to exchange views on the curriculum of international schools, the IB education system and curriculum, and the development trends of modern international education.
2015.09.16 Oscar Nilsson, Principal of the International Department of Chenshan School, submitted the application for the Diploma Programme to the International Baccalaureate Organization on behalf of Chenshan School with an expected license date of August 2018. The first students of Chenshan School's International Department is expected to become Chenshan's first "IB Graduate".
2015.09.04 The first "Intensive English Training Program" was implemented at Chenshan School, with Year 8 students traveling to Australia for a three-month "Australian Tour" and returning to school on 2015.12.06.

2014.09.08 Chenshan School opens!

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