Chenshan Vision

Experience deep and meaningful learning.

Education allows students to understand life and explore the natural world around them.

Chenshan School recognizes that every child is a unique individual, and the community encourages children to grow in independence while fostering cultural identity.

Students’ differences are celebrated. Teaching is differentiated and appropriate for the intellectual, physical and social development of students. Chenshan school prioritizes students’ ability to think critically and develop their self-management skills.

Chenshan School, located in Xiuning County in Huangshan, Huizhou District has a rich history of scholars. The natural landscape of the campus includes 550 acres surrounded by green mountains and waters, away from the noise of the city, away from the pollution of modern industry.

Chenshan School is a place where Chinese traditional culture and Western teaching philosophy are integrated, where teachers come to contribute to a community and raise their families.

Chenshan School has been open for nine-years and has established a program where children can enjoy world-class educational opportunities without going abroad.

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