Chenshan Vision

All students in this school will receive the best and strongest education that is possible. The framework of the education will be international and there will be a critical difference that we will provide. The curriculum, the teaching, the learning, the experience will all be shaped to reflect Chinese culture and its heritage. We strongly believe that education is and should be a mechanism that reflects and reinforces its culture. This is the reason that we have an educational approach that says that we can and should take advantage of the best that international education provides. The key difference that this school undertakes is to honour and shape the curriculum, teaching and experiences for students to make the education Chinese in character as well as using Chinese civilisation as the core of the school’s culture. In this way all students will have deep and meaningful learning in terms of academics, thinking, problem-solving and analytical thinking.
In addition they will be immersed in a Chinese cultural experience that honours the past, supports traditions and values and prepares students for the 21st Century. That preparation means that our students will emerge as internationally minded, able to function as professionals in an international environment as well as upholding the values and perspectives that China represents in the modern world.

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